After Action Reports

This blog will provide a record of all my airsoft game after action reports. These are reports written by me in guise of the various characters that I have played in Contact!; a Live Action Role-Playing game run out of a decommissioned cold war nuclear bunker.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Con-032 Torrington 4


Background Introduction:

The designation P147 meant that the scenario was set on a planet that had not been visited by the UNSGC and that we had no intel on it. In game such scenarios are called pathfinder missions.

The original stargate site on Earth was found in the Antarctic, buriied under the ice, and there were 78 gates in a large ring like formation. Base 78 was named after the number of gates found. Prior to Base 78 falling into enemy hands and being destroyed, a small number of the smaller gates had been removed for research purpose, and these are the ones that we now use in game.


The second mission of this cycle was to a world designated P147. An unexplored world that the UNSGC was hoping would become a new offworld colony base. Our gate out was for 10.09 hundred hours and the return gate was at 11.01 hundred hours.


Gather data on radiation levels and collect flora and fauna samples for the Pandora project. This mission fell under the auspices of the science division, and Dr. Forsythe was assigned command, as has considerable combat command experience, which would benefit the mission.


Dr. Forsythe deployed the team and Dr. Carter and myself started taking our readings, while the rest of the team did a brief recon sweep.
After taking the necessary flora & fauna samples, then sampling for background radiation, the team prepared to do a full reconnoitre of the area around the gate.

Surprisingly, there were signs of former habitation in the area surrounding the gate. Though it appeared quite run down and there were no signs of recent habitation. It was at this point that the firing began. A hostile contact was taken down, but it became apparent that he was what we in science were calling a Type 2 hostile. It was reported that the hostiles were spotted with support personnel in white lab coats, which indicated that some sort of experiment was being carried out.

Fortunately, our personnel were able to capture one of the hostiles and we managed or withdrawal through the gate using covering fire.


What was interesting was that during our mission on P147 we heard the sound of the gate activating four times. The sounds appeared to come from two distinctly different locations in relationship to where we were.

We now have clear evidence of at least two or more gates on this world. Arguably in what could be seen to form part of a circle like the two complexes we have on Earth. This appears to make P147 the first planet after Earth to have a gate complex.


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