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This blog will provide a record of all my airsoft game after action reports. These are reports written by me in guise of the various characters that I have played in Contact!; a Live Action Role-Playing game run out of a decommissioned cold war nuclear bunker.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Con-032 Torrington 2


Background introduction:

Though this was the second scenario of the weekend, it was my first mission in the guise of my character Captain (Dr.) Ash on my second attendance at The Fight School site for a game weekend. As I mention last time Contact! has an ongoing plot where the actions from one event carry on over to have consequences in future game.

One of these is something called "Operation Clean Sweep" , which were a series of scenarios where the offworld Type 1 reanimators had executed attacks on the UNSGC
player characters, denying them access to Base 78. Out of character, Base 78 was the site at Greenham Common, where first games of Contact! were run by The Fight School.


This time I was going to CO13B, where the UNSGC use to have an Intel facility, which had been destroyed during "Operation Clean Sweep". Our outbound gate was scheduled for 11.36 hundred hours and our return time was 14.53 hundred hours.


The rules of engagement were not to initiate fire. The recovery of former intelligence assets was the primary goal. Our secondary goal was to deploy a Stargazer unit, with its slave units and gather astronomical date to calculate where the planet was in our galaxy.


M.Sgt. Vosloo led SG-18 and elements of SG-17 offworld. He ordered a reconnaissance sweep of the surrounding area, which might conceal a hostile force, on our arrival at CO13B.

Meanwhile the science team deployed the stargazer unit according to the instruction given to us, which we were to find out later led to us getting no usable results. We had set up too close to the gate, which activated during our recording time and the EMP footprint wiped our data. Such an operational error was a a result of the enemies "Operation Clean Sweep".

The SG teams spotted a lone man on their sweep. He claimed to be part of a larger force that could have taken us out had they wanted too. He appeared to be suffering from low level ABC contamination, and was raggedly dressed in British DPM, and clearly paranoid. Our mystery man turned out to be someone called Craig who was talking about a football match on TV, and having a beer when he got back with us to Base 51.

The stargate then activate and 3 people arrived onworld. Some tense moments passed as we identified the newcomers as SSI (an in game corporation) field biologists from Base 78, which had fallen to enemy incursion two years previously. The story we got from them was that they had gated out of Base 78 during the attack. They told us that another incoming gate was due soon. However, we thought that their information was based on an out-of-date gate schedule, as they were not initially aware of being 2 years in the future.

However, the sound of the gate again activating was heard, followed by the outbreak of weapon fire. Our troop dealt with the hostiles and the team was able to return without further incident.


We brought Craig back with us, and we discovered he was involved with "Deep Black", an organization that appears to help the UNSGC from time–to–time, when it benefits them. We were also able to retrieve the SSI personnel, and captured enemy troops.

We were all well aware that there was now a new hazard to add to list of travel of travel through the stargate, translocation in time, which had happened once before, but this had been thought to be a one off freak incident that now turns not to be the case.

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