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This blog will provide a record of all my airsoft game after action reports. These are reports written by me in guise of the various characters that I have played in Contact!; a Live Action Role-Playing game run out of a decommissioned cold war nuclear bunker.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Con-031 Mortimer's Cross 2

Background introduction:

This was the second mission of the game weekend that I went out as Captain (Dr.) Ash, a name chosen as people often call me by this diminutive, but I will say that I do not recommend that one does this, because it can be very confusing. For instance when my name was being called is the person referring to me or my character? I found this quite difficult to cope with, probably because I can best be described as an episodic role-player.

A device that had been left on a previous visit to the planet that would record and map the stars in the sky at night, so that we could figure out where we were travelling to when the teams went through the stargate.

The back story was that this planet use to be a Philips Corporation colony world, which was lost as a result of what was called "Operation Clean Sweep" by the T1 OPFOR.
The enemy were former UNSGC personnel that had become compromised by contamination with a substance called, imaginatively enough, Alien Biological Contaminant 1 (ABC1), which made them hostile to former colleagues and act against the UNSGC program.

CON-031- MC2


Go through the stargate to a planet designated as C213A and try to recover the United Nations Science Corps (UNSC) Stargazer 1 unit and its data. Our gate out was at 14.14 hundred hours and our return gate would be at 16.25 hundred hours.


Our orders were donot to initiate hostile actions. Command of the mission would be shared between myself as head of the UNSC, Dr. Well representing the Military Intelligence Divison (MID), and overall command would revert to M.Sgt. Vosloo Peace Keeper Division (PKD), if hostile forces were met.


Another verdant green woodland, and it was a very hot day too.M.Sgt. Vosloo led us in the general direction of where colonists had been previously found when he had last visited the planet. We walked into the woods and it was at this point that we heard sounds, which on hindsight were voices. M.Sgt. Vosloo thought that obvious route to the sounds looked too much like a trap set to ensnare us, and led the team around a small lake to reach where the sounds were coming from.

On reaching the other side of the lake and sneaking up on the enemy, we saw
three figures standing in the woods. M.Sgt. Vosloo and Dr. Well were in front, so I was called up to try and initiate contact, which resulted in both myself and my bodyguard, Cpl. Vorsfelde, being wounded.

During the exchange of fire it became apparent that the enemy were "Them", as after being hit and falling over they would reanimate and get up again. M.Sgt. Vosloo ordered a tactical withdrawal, as our team was strung out in a column, while the enemy were in a line and therefore able to bring more effective fire on us.

We staged a fighting retreat back to a dried up river gully near to our original starting position at the stargate. During the firefight I was acting as a medic to the team, but then
M.Sgt. Vosloo took a hit to the head rendering him unconscious, and command of the team fell apart.

The next few minutes were ones of absolute confusion and mayhem, but I was able to revive M.Sgt. Vosloo, but
it was around this point that we noticed two more people walking through the woods towards. We opened fire on the enemy reinforcements, but our shots had no effect upon them whatsoever. However, by this time our team had been overwhelmed, as all of us were wounded an unconscious as a result of the wounds.

However, sometime later some men speaking German injected something into me that revived me, and had done the same to the rest of the team. we were all pretty banged up and had been left to fend for ourselves. The remaining time was spent
ferrying the immobile team members to the gate, where we found the Stargazer unit left for us to take away.


It's dangerous out there. Confirmation of another hostile force that were labeled Type 2s, who appear to be fighting the T1s, and it would seem that we just got caught in the middle of it. We had to have a refresher from the Base commander on the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for securing uncooperative hostiles, and how to use said SOPs to contain and isolate the T2 threat.

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